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DIR EN GREY Concert at Espaço Lux, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil on November 27, 2011

I'm not in a good mood today, anyway i'll try to report my 2nd experience at Dir en Grey live here in Brazil this last Sunday...
(I get off home 4 am.)
I was there at the queue almost 7 am. hoping to get in the meet & greet, there were so many fcking fags that i would like to kill them.
So there were me on the street with my sunglasses on and Dum Spiro Spero t-shirt...
Some looks like real fans, i mean they know the DSS songs, singing it when others where just some fellers or Visual Kei fangirls, imaging seen them in VK looks? no way.
Hmm the queue was extremely bad organized!!! the fans were wild, no respect. And this continues like this until 2 pm...when i needed to exchange my voucher to the official tickets. damn!
When it was 3 pm i was on the first group line to get in the show....
4 pm Dir en Grey arrived!!!!! i saw them in the van! I remember saw Shinya on the frontseat, next i saw Kyo and then Toshiya was sitting in backseat of the van, with hand on chin looking through closed window and waved.
So more time has passed...
5 pm Still on the queue, i could listen to Dir en Grey testing equipment... some part of Different Sense/
Yokusou Ni DREAMBOX/Lotus Kyo screaming sound was low but i could hear it xD, i couldn't see anyone noticing that.And i keep telling to my sister "can you hear?"
6:40 pm Nora and other Staff from Dir en Grey appear on the street near us, i was like oh i know her, it's Nora!
and then i make my \m/\m/ metal pose while she took some pictures of the queue...then she moved to front of me and took the picture haha. IoI
7 pm The queue started to move! we're getting in!!
8 pm Support Act : 10 Years (Everyone were screaming "Dir en Grey" before they started.)

So i run to get the front, it was soo sufocating, i couldn't breath there, and well there were 50 people making 3 lines in front the stage and fuck i decided to get out of there. I was about 3/4 metters distance from the stage...quite close, i could see everything!!
When i heard the intro of KYOUKOTSU NO NARI i started to cry...that piano, that chaos...when it's over Dir en Grey appear on the stage... Kaoru, Die, Toshiya, Shinya and Kyo...
Kaoru was really very quiet with his perm hair :) black clothes, purple shoes e crosses. Die in black hoodie,
looks like he was having fun! :D smiling all the time! Toshiya was not so energetic as the last show in 2009. (Remembering he jumping on the stage left and right! oh) for me he was trying to give his best and a little sleepy, Shinya was intense o-o; in white long sleeve shirt, i was very impressive seeing him playing, he is quiet too :) i admire his actitude.
Kyo was wearing a mask, one furry cardigan, leather crop pants, legging or stockings? and combat boots.Very very performatic, unique and genial, monstruos performance...making a Belzebub dance ohh, Yokusou Ni DREAMBOX...he was literaly creating a Blossoming Belzebub on the stage! cool, stunning, magic...speachless.

I was singing every song all the time, my favorite songs played was Ruten no Tou, Hagueshisa to Kono(...), Lotus, Shitataru Mourou, DIFFERENT SENSE and Kodou.
I love INWARD SCREAM moment the best! is like receiving some kind of divine energy... i put my hands high and close my eyes again receiving the energy... cool.
Some idiots behind me were screaming "Cage" Goddamn!! please be quiet in INWARD SCREAM! is that hard? so me and my fiancé turned and asked them for silence. Some people can think i'm boring, but it's my way of being a fan of Dir en Grey.
Some facts i follow are: Respect! (yes, YOU who drawn yaoi stuff with them etc), Fangirlism (Ok, give them ur toys, plushies-shit), stupidity, self-named number 1 fan who owns all the japanese goods, but don't know who Nora is, hey? who are you?

DECAYED CROW finished and they left the stage, about 5 minutes later...they got back for the encore with Kodou!
Withering to Death is a kick-ass album for sure, at the first i was soo dizzy that i tought it was The Final (they played it in 2009), but at the same time i correct it saying it's Kodou to my fiancé who got deaf from one ear. Kodou is awesome for sure! so at that time too, my fiancé got back with a bottle of water for me, then i drunk it and trow it on my head haha and on the people in my front.
At the Reiketsu nariseba and Rasetsukoku i gone wild and went to the front of the stage! with the other crazy people, punching and pushing each other! IoI and i was only listening to the Shinya's drums and Kyo roars!
23:30 pm The show was over, Die and Kaoru were the last to leave the stage, they were throwing guitar picks away to the audience, i was pretty close to Kaoru at this moment, i couldn't take the picks, but when he looked at me i freezed! he is soo serious! no smile, always with the same quiet expression.
Die came closer to the left of the stage where Kaoru was... so happy, smilling, never seen him with such big smile o-o he looked
very handsome.
Is so different to see them in real sizes xD then on a video, or a big gig where you can see then so distant and small haha.
Toshiya and Die looked so tall personaly.
I was thinking about make a short post, but i couldn't. Thank you so much Dir en Grey for coming to Brazil, yes it was HOT!

Then i went to the goods stand to buy one t-shirt and so we drive back home.



01 Ruten no Tou
02 Hagueshisa to Kono, Mune Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami
06 Shitataru Mourou
08 mazohyst of decadence
09 Tsumi to Kisei
10 Yokusou Ni DREAMBOX Aruiwa Seijuku No Rinen To Tsumetai Ame
12 Juuyoku


14 Kodou
15 Reiketsu nariseba
16 Rasetsukoku
Vanitas (instrumental mix)
17 November 2011 @ 03:17 am
Almost 1 week left for the show, i can't wait to see them! and finally i will meet them x_x
I still can't believe! really! omg!!!!
I'm very very anxious to see them because their music has so much about it than only just music, it's a masterpiece indeed.
2009...the first show was also in November :) .I remember the energy i received from Kyo's voice...
and closing my eyes...it's a great experience!

Dir en Grey thank you so much for come to Brazil for one more show!

20 July 2011 @ 04:47 am
I'm very busy these weeks... x.x no time for anything... but i found a little time here at 4:30am xox
hm, so my copy of Different Sense arrived! finally! poor SAL shipping y-y
it comes with a lot of stuff for a single, i like it.

About Different Sense song: Good. deconstructed, heavy, but nothing special.
The PV: like the scenes with the members, but as i read somewhere: the anime stuff was forced...irrelevant i could say.
Dir en Grey, i'm still looking forward to see something cool from u guys.


29 June 2011 @ 12:01 am


Espaco Lux
Rua Antônio Luís Valério, 93
São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

I can't believe i'm going to see them for the second time! 

OMG, now i have to do some serius business! omg x.x this is the best news i could hear this whole year!
I can't help my happiness !!!! is too much for me! I love Dir en Grey! not as a fck fangirl, i never was one... they are true and amazing!
When i listen to their music i cry or i start to go into a stage of peace really deep!

Thank youu Dir en Grey, i knew that u guys would hear my wish! ohh *__*

22 June 2011 @ 03:42 pm

Kyo said something at Facebook! ok someone have posted that for him, is not him exactly, but these are his words :) love it!

We released "DIFFERENT SENSE" today.


You know what saddens us.

There is no need for an explanation.

I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart to all our fans who see this and wait for our releases patiently.


I hope to see DIR EN GREY grow together with you from now on.


Human growth

There are many kinds

It's all very difficult…

But there is nothing but good things at the end of the path of growth

Never be drowned in greed, just living as humans do

I hope to be able to grow with all of you.


As the DIR EN GREY in our present

We, the band, went through a lot of hardship

Spending many years to put our all

Into "DUM SPIRO SPERO" which will soon be released.


The cover art, the booklet

The design, everything is "DUM SPIRO SPERO"

Please look forward to it.

And if you gain something from "DIFFERENT SENSE"

Then there is nothing more I can ask for.


To all of you who hold strong to your hearts.

Thank you very much.



DIR EN GREY - Dum Spiro Spero (Bundle)
DUM SPIRO SPERO, the follow up to “UROBOROS”, which garnered the band global critical acclaim and put them on the world’s hard rock musical map. Dir En Grey have always been praised for their unique musical perspective, a rock leaning sound that proves itself once again to be borderless and uncategorizeable. This Bundle includes the special edition digipak version of the album that includes two exclusive bonus tracks.

Limited Edition Deluxe Bundle includes the following:

-CD Digipak With Bonus Tracks!
-Double Gatefold LP
-Album Digital Download
-Autographed Poster (while supplies last)
oh no i bought my copy today and i want my stuff!
-Exclusive T-Shirt Design


RRP: $60.99

Our Price: $39.99

You Save: $21 yep and more $36 with shipping. $50 1-3 weeks, $200? no, thanks.

omg i can't wait *_*~ lp? what would i do with that, ok just for collection...

 OMFG! >> i need this now! so just while ago at facebook Dir en Grey unveil their 8th album artwork.

  1. Kyoukotsu No Nari



  4. AMON

  5. "Yokusou Ni DREAMBOX" Aruiwa Seijuku No Rinen To Tsumetai Ame

  6. Juuyoku

  7. Shitataru Mourou

  8. LOTUS


10. Akatsuki


12. Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami


14. Ruten No Tou

02 June 2011 @ 02:08 am

Dir en grey has announced on 5/25, they 8th is coming, called  DUM SPIRO SPERO. It means in latin "While i breath, i hope".In my langague...portuguese-brazilian, it means the same and sound similiar when you speak "enquanto respiro, espero"

I thought the Different sense art cover was late, i saw this today on their page.
hm theres a butt there... awn looks like an alien! i think is the same guy on the cover of with the proof in the name of living dvd!
he has some butoh dancer body there huh...?

16 May 2011 @ 03:12 am
Dir en Grey to release a new single called (DIFFERENT SENSE) in June!
How the album cover art should look??? hmm i'm curious, their artwork are so precious and really different from each other. :)
I'll but at CD Japan! no more Playasia...i had a bad experience there...slow service, limited edition with no fun stuff. blee
I was very busy in April with my projects...uou i thought DEG would launch a new single late than this...well anyway their full album is almost on the way.

【Initial Limited Version】
CD+DVD SFCD-0084~85 ¥1,890 (tax in) US$ 21.98
【Regular Version】 SFCD-0086 ¥1,260 (tax in) US$ 14.65

Manufactured by FIREWALL DIV.
Distributed by Sony Music Distribution(Japan)Inc.